Platinum Ring a Medeira Citrine Gemstone Setting Sterling Silver Ring with Gold Inlay Hosting a Central Black Pearl Stainless Steel with Yellow Gold Inlay Ring

Medeira Citrine Ring
in White Gold

in Silver, Gold
Stainless Steel Ring
with Gold Inlay
Sterling Silver Ring with a Medeira Citrine Gemstone White Gold Ring with Blue Topaz Gemstone Platinum Eternity Ring Enclosing 26 Diamonds
Medeira Citrine Ring
in Sterling Silver
Blue Topaz Ring
Platinum Ring  
Platinum Eternity Ring with 26 Diamonds Sterling Silver Ring with a Silver Orb Surrounded by Gem Stones Seven Element Wave Form Sterling Silver Ring
Forever in Eternity Platinum Ring 
Space Ring
in Silver with Gemstones
Seven Elements
Sterling Silver Ring
Platinum Compass Ring with 4 Gemstones at North, East, South and West Quadrants Custom Platinium Diamond Wedding Band  One Carat Diamond set in a Yellow Gold Custom Molded Ring Setting
Compass Wedding Ring with Diamond, Amethyst, Fire Opal and Tungsten

Diamond Studded
Wedding Band

Diamond Ring
Sterling Silver Custom Formed Tear Drop Pendant with Sterling Silver Chain Sterling Silver Star Trek Ring Sterling Silver Pendant and Chain Enclosing a Bule Citrine Gemstone
Fluid Pendant
Star Trek
Sterling Silver Ring   
Sterling Silver Pendant with Blue Topaz
Solid Stering Silver Tear Drop Pendant Set with Sterling Silver Chain Sterling Silver Custom Formed Contemporary Wrist Braclet Gold & Silver Teardrop Pendant Set with Sterling Silver Chain
Lovers Pendant Set
925 Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver Braclet
Lovers Pendant Set White & Yellow Gold









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